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Oil Change Service

AAMCO of White Plains gives you the convenience of a Quick Lube where you can have your car, truck, or SUV serviced right away.  Regular oil changes are crucial to keep your engine clean and properly lubricated, allowing your vehicle to run more efficiently. At AAMCO of White Plains, there's no appointment necessary. We’ll get you in, out, and back on the road as quickly as possible.



We have four great oil change choices:

★★★☆☆ Good = Conventional 

  • Conventional oil is formulated with additive packages to ensure that it has the proper heat tolerance, breakdown resistance, and viscosity (thickness and fluidity) that engines require
  • Helps to keep internal engine surfaces clean, protecting against overheating
    • $24.99

★★★★☆ Better = Synthetic Blend 

  • Better protection against sludge and  varnish deposit to keep your engine running cleaner, longer
  • Better cold start protections by flowing more quickly and circulating faster through the engine
    • $24.99

★★★★☆ Specialty Oil = High Mileage 

  • Good for vehicles that have over 75,000 miles on the odometer
  • High mileage motor oil can help slow down engine wear and keep engines running healthier, longer.  Helps prevent and minimize oil leaks in older vehicles
    • $59.99

★★★★★ Best = Full Synthetic 

  • Synthetic oil has superior cleansing properties which help to keep your engine cleaner
  • Synthetic oil flows more freely at freezing temperatures than conventional oil and resists breakdown or “burn off” at higher temperatures
    • $79.99


*Oil change includes up to 5 quarts of semi- or full-synthetic oil and chassis lube (where specified by manufacturer). Free tire rotation has no cash value. Additional charges may apply, where permitted, including a filter and/or waste recycling fee 
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Service Special
$10 off any repair over $100
$25 OFF any repair over $250
Offer good thru: 8/1/2018
Valid at AAMCO of White Plains, NY
(281 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY 10607)
This coupon must be presented at vehicle drop-off at the center identified above. The coupon is not valid in other centers. There is a limit of one coupon per vehicle, and the coupon may not be combined with other offers, discounts, or special fleet pricing. The coupon is valid on most vehicles, but certain exclusions apply. Void where prohibited or if altered.

Because we can perform manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, tune ups, and repairs, we really are your one-stop automotive service provider.  At AAMCO, our services are backed by a nationwide warranty that will give you peace-of-mind.  For our other fantastic services see below:

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