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The service was done very well and everyone was honest and helpful.

Bill C.

2006 TOYOTA Camry Local

The customer service was excellent at the shop, I love the service and I am pleased with my experience.

Glenn S.

2002 FORD Ranger Pickup Local

The White Plains AAMCO shop always provides perfect service. They are the best there is!

Tor S.


I love the White Plains AAMCO, the customer service is excellent. Jeff and Jared couldn't be more accommodating. They are really thorough about explaining exactly what is going on and working with me to accommodate what I need and my schedule.

Kerry B.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox Local

The owner of the shop is very nice and friendly, I will be recommending the shop to others. My ISUZU Rodeo drives great after the service.

Kevin C.

2000 ISUZU Rodeo Local

The guys at the shop are great, they are very friendly, and easy to work with. Jess the guys who runs the shop is very helpful along with the entire staff.

Avi L.

2003 ACURA 3.2 CL Local

Everyone at the shop is very friendly and helpful which is why I like taking my vehicle here.

Nick B.

2006 CHEVROLET Trailblazer Local

I think that it was great that the owner took the time to explain everything to me and he laid out all of my options. I am very happy with the White Plains AAMCO.

Warren H.


They were very persistent in finding the issue and fixing the car. My vehicle is driving very well now and I am pleased with my experience.

Eilleen B.


I enjoyed my experience at the White Plains AAMCO. The owner and his son were very kind.

Frank G.


The shop is fantastic, I love working with them, and they are really great guys.


2009 Honda Accord Local

I like the fact they they were able to give me an accurate estimate of what work needed to be done, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. I liked this because I got a heads up of what to expect and it gave me time to make a decision.

Bruce K.

2002 HONDA CR-V Local

The White Plains AAMCO is great and I am happy with my experiences with the shop. They are reliable and that is what I like most about them.I will continue to take my vehicle here in the future.

Juan P.

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Local

I like the timely fashion that they did the work, they were friendly and polite to my wife and I. They have a customer in me for life. The car runs fine without any problems I am very happy and their prices are great.

Manny A.

2004 LEXUS ES 330 Local

The service was good and the people that worked with me were honest. They helped me get financing for the job that needed to be done. My Malibu is running just fine now and I will be bringing it in soon for the follow up.

James P.


I brought my Pontiac grand Prix to the White Plains AAMCO recently and the customer service was outstanding.

Andre H.

1997 PONTIAC Grand Prix Local

My experience was great overall. The gentleman that was helping me was pretty on point with everything and her was very friendly.

Andrew E.

2006 SCION xB Local

My Acura is running great after being service at the White Plains AAMCO. The service was good and the quality of the work was good.

Lee F.

2008 ACURA TL TYPE-S Local

The service at the White Plains AAMCO was wonderful. I thought they were very professional and they did a great jib on my car.

Sanjana D.

2013 Volkswagen Jetta Local

They worked very hard to find exactly what was wrong with the vehicle. They fixed every single thing that is wrong with it. When I got the truck back it was running perfectly. They told me they would not stop until they found every issue and repaired everything on my truck. I have recommended them to everyone I know because I like them so much.

Stephen A.

2007 CHEVROLET Equinox Local

I've been here multiple times for all sorts of different fixes, major and minor. Can't say enough about the tremendous job they do here. Always coming back to Jeff and his crew.

Matthew D.


I was impressed by how thorough their diagnosis was performed and with the steady stream of updates on the progress of their work. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner, and I'm happy with the repair of the transmission. Great job!

Eric S.


The most amazing experience! I feel wonderful knowing my daughter's car is ready for the road and she is safe while driving!

Johanny L.


I've had an ongoing problem with my 2000 Chevy Suburban for over a year. I was very pleased with the end result of my vehicle from AAMCO. Even though my vehicle still needs to have work done at least now I know what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix. The White Plains location is a family oriented shop that made me feel like I've known them for years. They are very friendly, courteous and reliable. Believe me your vehicle will be ready when stated. This is a REAL MECHANIC SHOP. Since I now have AAMCO of White Plains in my life, my vehicle will not be going anywhere else. I have finally found a great Doctor for my big girl truck as I call it.

Nicole H.

Chevy Local

Family run business. Unfortunately it took me a couple of bad experiences before I stumbled upon this place. Jeff and Jared (father & son) are good people. They do good work, trust worthy and reasonable prices. If you want to get your can done right and no b.s., this is the place. I'll definitely be back for maintenance. My car runs like a champ after their work was done.

Emmanuel K.


Jarrod there was a great guy, he explained everything to me and was very helpful. Making an appointment was easy. I had my car towed in, they fixed it and called me and all I had to do was pick it up. It was really simple. I had a great experience there and everyone there was very nice.

Jake K.

Jeep Local

This was my first time at this center and the people there were very helpful. They had to troubleshoot a lot more than we initially thought, but everything worked out very well for me and my vehicle is running great. I was very satisfied with the service I received.

Sean F.

Honda Local

They were very courteous. I called them the night before and they got me right in the next day. The owner was wonderful and worked with me on the financing, as this was a very unexpected expense for me at the moment. They made it possible for me to get my car fixed and I really needed my car. I was very pleased.

Kerry B.

Chevrolet Local

Great service, fast turnaround

Vera H

2000 Toyota Avalon Local

This place is fantastic, fast, and reliable!  They usually go way above and beyond what I expect them to do but never at an extra charge.  

Jerry M

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Local

The mechanics are extremely nice and won't rip you off.  The turn around is amazing, considering how many cars they touch every day

Maria E

2003 Honda Odyssey Local

The mechanics here really know a lot and are very trust-worthy. They gave me honest information and answers I was looking for.

Brian P

2005 Volvo v50 Local

Excellent service, compatible price, and most importantly very honest!

Julia V

2003 Ford Explorer Local

I have never seen any other business with better people than in here. I can truly trust that I will get the best repair done and that it will be at the best price.

Wayne P

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Local

Prices are usually competitive with what's around, and everyone is friendly

Kerry F

2007 Volkswagon Rabbit Local

The car is running very well. The guys were friendly and helped me understand with what was going on with my car. They told me what needed to be done. I highly recommend AAMCO to everyone.

Edward B

Lincoln Local

The service was great I want to bring it back in for a check up.

Anthony  A

Nissan Local

The service was great.The car is running very well. I highly recommend my family and friends.

Phil K

Jeep Local

The car is running great. The service is great. I highly recommend my family and friends to AAMCO.

Adrienne D

Lincoln Local

The car is running fine. The service was great. I already have recommended several of my friends to AAMCO and are thrilled with the service and hospitality as I was.

Maria  M

Ford Local

The service was great. I highly recommend AAMCO. The guys were very friendly they didn't leave a single detail out either.

George S

Volvo Local

Very professional, honest, and efficient. They explained everything clearly to me. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car. I also have recommended AAMCO to a lot of people due to the fact that I had such a good experience. Great work!

Denise L

Infiniti Local

Everything about AAMCO was great! From their customer service to how well they fixed the car. I would most certainly recommend them.

Neil O

Volkswagen Local

Very professional shop! Everything was done on schedule and well. I recommend this AAMCO!

Arvind A

Honda Local

Every penny I spent at AAMCO was definitely worth it because now my car is running without any problems. They were very professional people as well as friendly. I would not hesitate to come back here for all my car problems.

Chris H

Volkswagen Local

The work I had done on the car was phenomenal. The flushing of the transmission and the gasket. There are no problems with that at all which I'm glad to know. I'm having electrical problems with my car and I haven't decided what I'm going to do next. I do ,however, recommend AAMCO to my friends.

Ralph  A

1995 Mercedes-Benz Sl320 Local

The mechanics who were working on my car at Aamco were very helpful - they were able to figure out what the problem was and get it fixed. Also, the manager at the shop was very friendly. Overall I was very satisfied with Aamco, and I think that they did a great job!

Leornard B

2002 Saab Local

My experience with Aamco was great - hopefully I never have another transmission problem but if I do, I know who I'm going to! I've even mentioned Aamco to a few of my friends already... Jeff was a great guy and he really helped me out. He did an excellent job!

Gary C

2005 Ford Local

I had originally brought my car to the Honda dealership and there were a few things that they were unable to take care of, so I brought it to Aamco. At Aamco, Jeff and Kathy were great to work with, and they took care of all of the issues I was having. It was a great experience, and I would absolutely recommend them!

Javier G

2002 Honda Local

I was very satisfied with the work I had done at Aamco, and Jeff is a really great guy and he's easy to work with. I actually just brought my car back into the shop this morning for some other work it needed. I would absolutely send my friends to Aamco, they do a great job!

Jack K

1999 Chevrolet Local

Jeff at Aamco was extremely helpful - I had an interesting sort of problem with my car and he was able to look into it and help me figure out the most cost-effective solution. Now my car is running fine, and I was definitely very happy with the service at Aamco.

Mike G

2007 Honda Local

My car is running fine after getting it back from Aamco - I was very satisfied with their service. Everybody at the shop was very helpful and friendly. It was a great experience!

Ann M

2002 Mercedes Local

The guys at Aamco really took care of my car and did the job right. It was surprisingly fast, my car was only there for a day or two, and so far I haven't had any problems. I'd recommend Aamco for sure.

Jose V

2002 Jeep Local

When I brought my car to Aamco, I was very impressed by how quickly they repaired my car! They had actually told me it would be longer so I was surprised when it was finished earlier. They did a great job - so far the car's running great and I'm not having any issues with it. If any of my friends were having car problems, I'd definitely send them to Aamco.

Akkyie M

1998 Honda Local

Jeff at Aamco was great to work with - he seemed very knowledgeable and he was friendly. I thought the service at the shop was excellent. My car is running great, and I would recommend them.

Diana P

2005 Subaru Local

I actually had originally brought my car to another shop and the transmission blew up so they referred me to this AAMCO. So far my car is running great, I have no problems, and I think the continuity between the two shops was great and they knew exactly what the problem was.

Rob B

2007 Dodge Local

My car is running very well since I got it back from AAMCO. The service at the shop was great, and the manager was very nice, and he was easy to work with!

Tony B

2007 Lexus Local

My car is running great since I got it back from AAMCO! I was really impressed with how quickly they were able to do the repairs, and they did a great job with it. Also, the manager of the shop was very friendly! I would absolutely recommend them.

Edie L

2004 Dodge Local

They were pretty thoughtful. I like the fact that he made sure the car was ready for me by the time I got there after work.

Amanda K

Toyota RAV4 Local

I will make it simple.  They were honest and competent. Those are two things that rarely go together with an auto shop.

Anthony L

2004 Mercury Sable Local

We took our vehicle to another place, and they couldn't turn off the "engine light" and then told us we need all this other work done to the car.....Well we brought our Acura right over to AAMCO let me tell you they are Terrific!!! they fixed and reprogram the check engine light and put some new filters in checked for every thing, our car is running great!!-thanks guys

Marraine B

2007 Acura Local

My '06 BMW is going great its in really good shape they did a really good job. Jeff did a really huge fabulous job. It was Just the pleasure and he did a great job keeping us abreast of what was going on with the car. The car is running beautifully. I recommend my friends and family to AAMCO.

Kim C

2006 BMW 530xit Local

My 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe is running great. They were quick and easy. I recommend my family and friends to AAMCO.

Joe L

2000 chevrolet tahoe Local

My Tahoe runs great now. Jeff and the staff really took good care of us.

Cheryl L

99 chev Local